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Nirrimi Firebrace

I'm So Excited You're Here 🤩

Thank god I'm not the only one who finds it freaking hard to juggle overwhelming distraction, big passions and even bigger emotions.

I’m a full-time creator & award-winning photographer with ADHD + ASD.

I'm obsessed with building modern assets and digital tools that embrace unconventional brains, after a lifetime of trying to change myself to fit (neuro)typical tools.

a visual story of creative obsession

cool spaces that featured dorky me

frankie magazine ✳︎ bustle ✳︎ f stoppers ✳︎ issue 28 ✳︎ junkee ✳︎ extraordinary routines ✳︎ sbs voices ✳︎ sounds good ✳︎ peppermint magazine ✳︎ pedestrian tv ✳︎ the huffington post ✳︎ booooooom ✳︎ russh magazine ✳︎ oyster magazine ✳︎ harper’s bazaar magazine ✳︎ yen magazine ✳︎ girlfriend magazine ✳︎ the new york post + more but let’s be real, I’m way too ADHD to keep track of this kinda stuff. 🙃

& big fancy brands i've worked with