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The Daily Map Course

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Instantly Access The Full Course, It's Yours Forever

🖥️ Choose between the PDF's beautifully designed for printing, or access the full course on your browser, or both!

📖 Access 6 illustrated, inspiring & in-depth chapters

📝 Dive into 20 mini workbooks designed to unlock your creative potential

The Daily Map Course
The Daily Map Course
The Daily Map Course
The Daily Map Course
The Daily Map Course

The Step-By-Step Roadmap To Your Best Creative Life

  • Part 1: Commit

    Clarity is about knowing yourself and where you’re heading so you carve your own path there. It’s about making time and creating space to live intentionally.

  • Part 2: Plan

    Good plans are like maps, they give us clear paths to follow. This lesson teaches you how to make powerful plans for your projects and maps to guide you through every day.

  • Part 3: Routine

    Routine is the backbone to a creative life; from rituals that support your creativity to daily routines that support you. How you spend your days is how you spend your life.

  • Part 4: Structure

    Structure is about organising your digital life so you can get on with creating. From managing files, to digital creative tools, to a happy sorted inbox.

  • Part 5: Grow

    Grow is about feeding your inner artist. Finding inspiration, connecting to fellow creators and honing your craft so you can bridge the gap between your work and your potential.

  • Part 6: Conquer

    Conquer teaches you how to find focus in a world of distractions. It gives you weapons to fight the fear, the doubt, the guilt, the blocks and the criticism.

Back By Overwhelming Demand ❤️‍🔥

It was nerve-wracking first launching this course. I poured so much of myself into it (hundreds of hours, including those spent recovering from surgery in the hospital). 🫣
But the impact it had would have made even a dozen years of work feel worth it. 🌹
I've had countless emails from people who have told me The Daily Map helped them publish books, start businesses & completely change their lives.
It's been a few years since I decided to take this course down, and I STILL get regular enquiries from people hoping to access it.
While small elements of this course (an app or website here and there) might have dated, the wisdom & methods The Daily Map is built from are overwhelmingly timeless. 🔥
✨ I am still so proud of this creative playbook, and I'm glad it's back. ✨

Everything I've Learnt From My Own Creative Career

Committing to creative goals & actually reaching them isn't exactly easy, but The Daily Map does make this life-changing journey so much easier.

Built from the strategies & insights learnt through success and countless failure, this is the map I wish I could have had all along.

And now it's yours. 🩷

The Story of My Own Creative Journey

download the first full chapter & workbook ⚡️totally free⚡️

a game-changing guide for both dreamers & creative pros

It sure took a heck of a lot of planning, creating, collaborating, writing, editing & refining, but boy was it worth it.

IMAGE: Some of my initial mind map planning for the daily map course →